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שירות 'משחקים' שבועי מתחדש (רשום כבר? לחץ כאן)
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Wheel of Fortune - for Lovers, Gamblers, Drinkers
תיאור המשחק:
If you only knew... There´s this sweet guy / this hot girl. But... is it worth the try? Anyway - isn´t it time to change the pub ? And if not - shall I order another drink? And...?Life is a sequence of challenging decisions! But why worry? You are going to do the wrong thing anyway! So let your mobile make the decision for you - provided it´s equipped with the ultimate decision tool: The Wheel of Fortune for Lovers, Drinkers & Gamblers!By a mere press of a key this tool will tell you if a flirt is worth the try or if you should change the pub. And as far as all other situations in life are concerned: Simply choose a number between 1 and 6 and let the wheel decide...

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